Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime - Features & Reviews

Which mobile to buy? What is the best smartphone? This is a question that everyone keeps asking himself in this age of technology and cellular domination. Answering this question is difficult but Samsung’s Galaxy Grand Prime can definitely be rated amongst the competitors to answer this common question.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime – A Phone which is Slim yet Powerful!
Samsung launches the best smartphone Galaxy Grand Prime, a cell phone having the capacity to exceed expectations since its vicinity in the business. It has caught the attention of numerous individuals. Samsung furnished it with the best of what's accessible in the current stupendous world after considering multiple factors. Regardless of having significant peculiarities, the cost is exceptionally reasonable. Inquiry is would it be advisable for you to join the universe of Galaxies?
Competing among the best phones, it has a square design and a body made of plastic. The edges are polished with diamond.
What Mobile to buy?
The answer to this question is largely influenced by the looks of the best smartphone.
Just 8.6 millimeters in thickness, the GALAXY Grand Prime consolidates modernity and capable execution, packing the fundamental peculiarities for easy access to entertainment into a smooth, present day bundle. Yet svelte doesn't mean little: The 12.64 cm (5) qhd display verifies nothing holds back your ability to shine.

High Class Performance
The GALAXY Grand Prime which is a possibility for the best smartphone is outfitted with an effective 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor for blasting quick multitasking execution, regardless of how many tasks you are performing at that very moment.

Great Camera Experience
The best mobile enhances the user experience. Selfies are taken to a new level now. It has got a 5 MP front cam with a vast perspective point of 85 degrees. The more extensive plot of perspective means you get more people in your selfies and larger background in every picture. This implies that you don't need to use the selfie stick again. Moreover, the high resolution gets you better photos to share on social media.

Battery that lasts long!
You cannot just rate a smartphone to be the best if it does not have a good battery. Presently, you won't need to stress over your smartphone running out of battery power. This mobile comes with a 2,600 mah battery, enabling you to enjoy videos, audios, music, games, application and what not?
This mobile does not need frequent charging. Samsung has made big investments into this.

Latest OS Kitkat
Controlled by Kitkat 4.4, the most recent rendition of the Android OS, the GALAXY Grand Prime is pressed with huge amounts of valuable peculiarities for better convenience, improved execution, and more prominent gainfulness. It's one of the few smartphones and mobiles in this range that comes outfitted with Kitkat. This is one of the features that make it the best.
Grand Plus incorporates numerous applications that can prove to be quite useful in daily routine. Stimulation abilities of this Samsung machine are raised to another level.


New Samsung Phone :Galaxy A7

It was reported earlier that Samsung was going to launch its new phone Galaxy A7. The place of launch was anticipated to be South Korea. The source of this information is a Korean website Ruliweb which states that Samsung’s new phone Galaxy A7 will be launched on January 14th. This announcement will be accompanied by the launch of Galaxy A5.

Galaxy A7


The preparation of Samsung are on its way for the launch of its new phone. The reports from multiple resources say that Samsung Galaxy A7 will be the biggest phone in the Samsung’s Galaxy A series. Moreover, it will also be the most advanced one that Samsung has ever launched.
The dimensions of Galaxy A7 are 150.9 x 75.9 x 6.3 m, making it the slimmest smartphone in the market. This can clearly be seen that is Samsung Galaxy A7, is going to be the largest yet the slimmest set available.

But, this fact should not be ignored that Samsung’s Galaxy A7 will not be coming be Lollipop once it’s launched. Its powerful hardware will be complimented by the Android 4.4 KitKat OS. This is something that the audience was neither anticipating nor expecting.

Having the brushed metal edges like Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3, this might turn out to be the smartest and most stylish looking phone in the market.

What features does Samsung’s Galaxy A7 offer?
·         5.5 inch display that comes with 1080 x 1920 pixels
·         Front facing camera which is 5 MP
·         The rear camera of 13 MP
·         An incredible RAM of 2 GB
·         Huge storage of 16 GB which is expandable
·         2500 mAh battery
·         A powerful 1.5 GHz octa-core processor which is most likely to be 64-bit Snapdragon 615

The release of Samsung’s largest, slimmest and most advanced cell phone will also take place in China along with Korea. But, this verity is yet to be explored that will this revolutionary set be made available across the globe? Will it be sold in the whole world? The Samsung’s plan in this regard is unknown and one can only hope for the best. Samsung might be launching Galaxy A7 only in Asia but this is not the end of the discussion. More facts will be brought to the scene once this product is officially launched.

Samsung again paves its way for releasing another technological masterpiece in the market of cellphones. Samsung’s Galaxy A7 is definitely going to make a mark by unleashing its efficiency in terms of performance and casting worthy impressions on the market in terms of style. The fact cannot be ignored that Samsung is continuing to excel in the cell phone market. Galaxy A7 being only one of the products.

More about the launch!
Till the official announcement by Samsung is released, nothing can be said for sure and no statements should be released in this regard. A source, which is a Korean website proposes that the launch of Galaxy A7 will be in South Korea. Moreover, this release will be complimented by the launch of Galaxy A5 as well.



Galaxy S5 Vs Galaxy Note 4 Review: Which phone To Buy?

Does the size matter? Based on this question, there is a hot debate that which phone to buy. Should it be Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4? It is the theme which has expended just about every phone review throughout the most recent year. The size bounce debate not just incorporated the Android world, remarkably the questionable Nexus 6 (an enormous, splendid error), yet even Apple has been entangled as people compare iPhone 6 with the iPhone 6 Plus based on the size.

S5 Vs Note 4

In this discussion when galaxy note 4 is reviewed same scenario is scene. Samsung is not facing all this for the first time. An intriguing advancement is under way: Note deals are getting Galaxy S deals. Note 4 has kept on thriving and now there is another supercharged adaptation. That said both cell phone' business remain head and shoulders over the Android rivalry. Both the phones, Galaxy S5 or the Galaxy Note 4 have all the reasons to be appealing to the general audience. Actually it could be contended they are out and out dull.

Galaxy S5 and Note 4 provide the users with the functionality of removable backs that comes with batteries that can be removed and storage that can be extended.

Backside of S5 Vs Note 4

The appalling charge is principally about the backside of these mobiles, which is – truly – observing only one side of the picture. The main front of both Galaxy S5 and Note 4 have eminently thin bezels. For the physical home catch and capacitive back and multitasking catches, they have a screen free of virtually present buttons.

Anyhow again the Galaxy S5 and Note 4 are basically about practicality and it is here where the first significant purpose of separation exists. The Galaxy S5 has Ip67 water (sufficiently sealing to be submerged in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes) while the Note 4 does not. My understanding says that, it is strange that the Samsung would not offer this on both handsets (the S Pen – all the more later – could be a component) however it gives the Galaxy S5 a remarkable point of interest. Having the capacity to answer brings in the shower, alter music volume, and so on sounds paltry yet it gets to be second nature while there are likewise evident security advantages.

Notwithstanding this the Note 4 is lighter than you may envision – quite it is about the same as the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus (172g) and lighter than the 6-inch Nexus 6 (184g) – while the textured back (effectively its best quality) gives grasp not one or the other of its phablet opponents can match. Yes the Galaxy S5 may be the less demanding set to hold, yet the Note 4 is the most finger well-disposed phablet.

Conclusively, neither the Galaxy S5 nor the Note 4 can be appreciated in terms of looks but this flaw can be compensated by the practicality and in this scenario Galaxy S5 clearly beats the Galaxy Note 4.



The Best Android

When talking about smartphones, it has been the interesting year for the best Android gadgets. The Android tablet experience is awesome. It’s tough to believe that its just only 3 years since the Google’s mobile operating system hit the market. When the 1st Android mobile , the T Mobile was launched , it was a different view of mobile world. With the introduction of the Android, that boosted the smartphones application interface capability. The best  thing about Android is that it’s open source and can be used by several mobile manufacturers which are not possible by Apple’s OS which is platform dependent.

Android phones come in various forms and flavors. Many mobile manufacturing companies are offering the Android OS with their smartphones.
Now the question comes that which is The Best Android smartphone?
According to pc world rating the best android phone to date is Samsung Galaxy Nexus with its sleek design, curved display screen and the fast performance. Also the Samsung Epic Touch 4G is awesome for gaming. When talking about HTC EVO 3D, its rated 5 star by PC world one of the best android phone by HTC.
Like other Galaxy S2 series, Samsung Galaxy S2 with T-Mobile proves itself to be the best android with 4 star rating by PC world. The thinner, Motorola Droid Razr, is fantastic when it comes to connectivity and performance criteria whereas the Motorola Droid Bionic is most awaited smartphone which is an ocean of great entertainment.
The HTC sensation 4G , delights with its sleek design, beautiful display screen with dual core power processor. The T-Mobile My Touch 4G slide is one of the best android smartphone having the best camera ever tested and rest of the features are amazing as usual.
Again coming on Samsung Galaxy Nexus, as we have discussed on it previously is the best android among all the phones described here, so it’s better to write extensively on this smart gadget. The Ice cream sandwhich simply sweet is one of the best feature in this phone, that will be revealed in more depth in few days and I will focus on its technology in my next article. The Android keyboard software in Ice Cream sandwhich has more square keys and is large too with best auto dictate feature which is found to be accurate too. Fortunately, by my search I found that ,right now, the best android is Samsung Galaxy Nexus, so grab it.


Apple iPhone 5 or Iphone 4G Reviews– Specifications, Release Date

After the grand success of iPhone pre releases, Apple is about to announce its most awaited powerful iPhone-5 in June 2011 , as one Asian source represents. Yet the date is not announced officially ,but rumors are there for launching this product in late summer 2011. But its tough to believe that who is right that when iPhone 5 is launching ? But its true to say that iPhone is the most awaited smart phone of the year 2011. IPhone 5 is a very sleek designed stylish smart phone.
When it comes to competition, for the first time there is big competition in which other brands are waiting eagerly to launch their amazing products and win the game. From HTC with android technology to Windows 7 based smart phones will create a very high end competition for iPhone 5. The Samsung is heating the market at a rapid fire rate with its upcoming product Galaxy S2.and its Tab 2. Not only this , but Apple iPhone app store will be in fight with the Windows market place, android market, and amazon app store giving a tough competition.

iPhone 5 might not vary when compared to iPhone 4. iPhone 5 will have some hardware changes from processor to display.The display screen of iPhone 5 will be diagonal with 3.7 inches and resolution of 640 X 960. iPhone 5 will be larger that iPhone 4.The processor of iPhone 5 may be Apple A5 dual-core processor of 1 GHz designed custom made. Hyper threading and multitasking will be a very added advantage of this smart phone. We cannot think of 1 GB RAM in iPhone 5 but 768 MB of RAM boost will enpower the smart phone fulfilling all needs.

Its not only 3G enabled but having 4G capability also. When it comes to security the phone has additional security feature that is biometric security which has a finger print scanner providing high end security. Thunderbolt port giving a HD (High definition) playback on big screens and Gyroscope are some additional features flashing in iPhone 5.
The camera may vary from 5 mega pixels to 8 mega pixels with flash and 1080 pixels HD video recording able to capture real life HD pictures.There is a breaking news story about iPhone 5 from Wired' suggests that  iPhone 5 might not be launched at the WWDC. We will be updating on this very soon.
The upcoming new Apple iPhone 5 will be available soon,and the  price will be around RS.40,000/-